Thursday, September 29, 2011

FtA: Racists!

Johr's breath burned like fire as he ducked between the shattered walls of the Ancient City.  It felt as though he'd been running for hours, but he could not seem to shake them.  He heard the barking of dogs in the distance, and the shouts of the men as they came closer.  Slowing his breathing, he cleared his mind and prepared to reach out and try and distract the dogs, maybe send them on a chase in the wrong direction.


He opened his eyes, and found himself staring down the barrel of an antique revolver.  Where the hell had they found one of those?

A shot echoed through the blasted canyons, and just like that, the chase was over.

I loved the Knights of Genetic Purity in Gamma World, even if they were serious mustache twirlers.  It's hard to go wrong with racists as antagonists, though.  EVERYBODY hates racists.  Well, except other racists, but still.  I'm jettisoning the Knights aspect of it, though.  Even though it was likely a tip of the hat to the KKK, it seemed too D&D, I thought.  So these folks are just going to be called Humanists.  Apologies to the philosphical and religious humanists reading this, no link is intended.

No, there is nothing noble about this group.  These people represent the last gasp of humanity, struggling to keep its place amidst the ruins, by any means necessary.  Most of the remnants of the ancients are only accessible by genescan, and they don't recognize Mutated Humans as Human anymore, so the Humanists have the edge in tech, and that's the only thing keeping them going.


  1. Nice. I like this and the ants both.

    The word "Humanists" gives me the impression of tolerant and reasonable people. I think I might rather call these humans "Purists", or "Protosapiens" or something.

    Oh!, and they should totally have a vaguely offensive term for other sentient species, like "muties" or something.

    I don't think the ants would try to be offensive to anyone, but I could see them having a sort of callous superiority. They aren't actively trying to belittle others, it just comes so naturally. I like to imagine the ants referring to all other sentient species as "talking meat", or maybe "herdlings".

  2. Yeah, I may need to go with a different name. Something good and radical.

    X-Men comics always had the mutants referring to the humans as genetrash, I kind of liked that.

    Ants, though, ants are vicious little buggers - watch this video (only 2.5 minutes) -


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