Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Year in Review

It's been an interesting year, to say the least.

Gaming wise, it's been one of my least productive, while creatively it's been quite the opposite, just not on this blog.  Or rather, not with the regularity of previous years.  I think the lack of blog activity is tied to the lack of gaming though - going through old posts, I see that many were play reports.  Take those away, and all that is left is pretty much the same volume of what I've put out this year.  Maybe a little more, but not much.

I think a large portion of my creative energies have been sapped by my job, which picked this year to turn batshit insane on me, my wife and I moving into a house midyear, and my rededication to writing.  My short story writing has been positively prolific this year - I've joined a local writer's workshop, and I've submitted several stories for publication, with some positive results.  Getting a story accepted into Pulp Mill Press' Libram Mysterium project was a big boost, and I've finished several stories since, with several more in various stages of completion.

There's also Google Plus, where I've found myself losing hours and hours.

I finally hammered From the Ashes into some sort of workable draft and pushed it out to several people to look over and review, and collected various art pieces from several artists, and it seems to be slowly taking shape into an actual thing, which blows my frikkin' mind.  It's been an airy mass of thoughts and ideas for so long that my mind rejects any attempt to process it as something that I may be able to hold in my hand soon.

In an attempt to back away from FtA for awhile so that I can be heartless and cruel when it goes to editing, I started up with Tayxis.  Initially just a joke that I ribbed my wife about, it's turned into something a bit more serious, and in typical fashion, as soon as I've started taking it seriously, my muse flew away.  That, combined with my job insanity, has made the last month pretty difficult creatively.

Things seem to be settling down, though, and my thoughts are turning once more to the sweltering lands of the Lone Star, so I have a feeling 2014 will see a whole lot more Tayxis.

One last thing regarding From the Ashes - I promised way back when to show off the cover, and while I did forget, I haven't forgotten.  I think that will make a very nice first blog post for 2014.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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