Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thoughts on The Last Dragon

I'm on a redeye flight from Dallas to Boston. My better half and I watched The Last Dragon to stay awake so I could catch the 130 am flight and now at 30,000 feet I can't stop thinking how awesome it is. Probably helps that Ive had a couple of Irish coffees but what the hell. In no particular order, these are the top reasons why this is an amazing movie.

* William H Macy's finest hour
* What kung fu movie isn't improved by musical interludes?
* The song, "Rhythm Of the Night" was created specifically for this movie!  Who knew!
* The villain Arkadian never blinks. Not once.
* I think Terry Crews learned how to act from watching Sho Nuff chew threw the scenery.
* Speaking of Sho Nuff - greatest villain ever or greatest villain of all time?
* You've got the Glow!
* Get your feetsa to Papa Georges Pizza!
* Seriously - He's the SHOGUN OF FRIGGIN HARLEM.
* There are two people in the film with one word names. What can I say - it was the 80s!
* Totally gonzo plot - Thug/Producer wants his girl to be a popstar so he kidnaps local night club singer/celebrity to convince her to get his girls video rotation at her club. Club singer/celebrity escapes with the help of young naive Kung Fu master and protects her from the army of mercenaries hired by thug/promoter to avenge the slight. Meanwhile the Shogun of Harlem is determined to fight young naive Kung Fu master at any cost. Sounds like a Grant Morrison script.
* Young naive Kung Fu maater's little brother - what ever happened to that kid? Seriously that kid had Charisma.


  1. I saw that movie in the theatre when it was out! It's on my top ten list of strange movies I made my family see along with Yor, Howard the Duck and Critters 2.

  2. "Who's the master?" "Sho Nuff!" Awesome stuff!


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