Wednesday, September 19, 2012

R.I.P. Imbroglio

While this picture is wildly inaccurate in its
depiction of Imbroglio, it is the only documented
image currently in existence. 
 Imbroglio was special. 

Several years ago, Ark invited me over, and I sat down with Ark, his son and another gentleman at his kitchen table and rolled up characters for a game I was seeing for the first time, you might have heard of it, a little game called Labyrinth Lord.

This being the first character that I had built for the game, I picked an easy class, fighter, and made him an elf, because, well, why not?  Some nice rolling made sure that Imbroglio was strong and quick, and most importantly, charismatic.

I remember Imbroglio fondly, as do thousands of NPCs whose lives he changed for the better.  He was the scourge of evil, the champion of the oppressed and downtrodden, he was everything that a PC should be.

Some called Imbroglio crazy, but he just saw the world a little differently than the rest of us.  He believed in Faux, and gave his blood sweat and tears to bring the Light of Faux to the unenlightened.  He was good with a bow, and never hesitated to help his friends, sometimes even going into melee combat.

With his never ending supply of flyers urging the unenlightened to turn their faces to the one True God of the Realm, the sticks he would break as a demonstration of his unwavering faith, and his faithful companions, Ferrit the Dancing Wereferrit, the numerous Dwarven Assassins who have passed on to their eternal rewards, and many others that Imbroglio forgot about as soon as they left his sight, Imbroglio served as a light in these troubled times, a flickering flame which I must sadly report, has been snuffed.

Sadly, Imbroglio was struck down by the cold, callous nature of the world.  A harridan who had manipulated a tribe into thinking her "holy" had embarked upon a campaign of genocide against the legions that Imbroglio had turned to the light of Faux.  Imbroglio, ever mindful of his flock, struck mercilessly against the evil witch, and faught valiantly.  On the brink of defeat, the fell sorceress summoned a unicorn, tricking it into following her evil bidding.  Unwilling to harm the holiest of holy creatures, Imbroglio allowed himself to be stabbed through the heart, the Unicorn's horn driving the life from his body.

Despite efforts to resuscitate him, Imbroglio passed from this life shortly thereafter.  He had an explicit "Do Not ReAnimate" clause in his will, so unfortunately, his days are over.  However, any who wish to donate gold or platinum pieces to the Faux Fund may do so by contacting their local GM.

Let us take a moment and reflect upon all those who have gone before us, and pray that their souls find their way to the bosom of their gods.  I have contributed to several Kickstarters over the last few months at sufficient levels to allow me to place images and character sketches of Imbroglio within the pages of some forthcoming RPGs, so if you see him, spare a thought for him, and the legions of unenlightened who will never know the warmth of Faux's light.

And if you happen upon a witch woman leading a tribe of humans with an ensorcelled Unicorn at her side, slay her. 



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