Monday, September 10, 2012

The Hangover

**WARNING**  This post will likely be a stream of consciousness style ramble, feel free to disregard.

Still here?  Okay, you were warned.

Back to the grind after a ridiculous week, capped over the weekend with front and center tickets to see Dead Can Dance.  This was followed by my bachelor party the following evening, a night of epic debauchery of which the less said the better.

Still, time marches ever on, and my nine to five awaits, beckoning with a crook of its boney finger.  I have no choice but to obey.

After seeing an ad stating that a (somewhat) local game shop had closed down, I briefly toyed with the idea of buying it.  They were offering the building for 70,000 and their stock for another 50,000, giving the prospective buyer (presumably) a turnkey business for only 120,000.  My better half and I took a detour on our way back from the weekend, and discovered there were two very good reasons why the shop went out of business - a) they didn't have insurance on the building, so when their roof leaked, they were unable to afford to fix it, b) they opened the shop in the middle of frikkin nowhere, in a town of maybe 25,000 people.  So we're still possibly considering picking up the merchandise and opening a web store.  Maybe.  Dunno.

Work on the Clockwork Cave was halted for the weekend, but resumes today.  Doug Kovacs is working on a few other projects, so in all likelihood, this won't see the light of day until the new year at the earliest.  Probably later. 

In Kickstarter news, I received my copy of Shadows of Esteren, a French RPG which was recently Kickstarted into English.  I was primarily attracted to the production values, which seemed high, and they delivered.  I'll post a review in the next few days that breaks down the rewards completely, but I was defninitely satisfied with how it came out.

While browsing through a Half Price Books in Austin, I stumbled across a little gem, Unhallowed Metropolis, which describes itself as, "The Gas-Mask Chic Role-playing Game of Neo-Victorian Horror".  Now setting aside the fact that I wasn't aware that the words Gas-Mask and Chic could be combined in such a way, it's an interesting book.  They saved a few farthings by using photographs instead of art a fair amount of time, with varying amounts of success.  Some of them looked excellent, while others looked like glorified cosplay.  Definitely worth the half price I paid for it, I'll be mining it for ideas.

I think I've run out of things to talk about at this point, so I'll be signing off.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of Unhallowed Metropolis, and once you get into the game, I hope you see why. the system can be a bit clunky, but it fits the setting, and it's the setting that's the golden delight of the book for me. I've ran many game in the setting, and i still haven't mined it completely. Although i did set a chapter of a long campaign in a mine...

    Something tells me you will have picked up the first ed. if it was half price, as the revised edition came out a while back, but having taken a look at both, I think you've done well. the biggest difference to the mechanics is the removal of skill specialties whilst leaving in combat stuns. I quite like the specialties though, and I'm not too sure why they were dropped...


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