Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Harrowing

So I've undertaken three new projects for this month, and they may be the death of me.

First the Risus One Page Challenge.  The challenge is to design a setting for Risus: the Anything RPG, and submit by November 7.  I've just about completed one setting, but have been struck with an idea for a second, so I may post both here in the next day or so and solicit feedback to see which one I should actually submit.  The one that's completed is a steampunk type setting, focusing on an alternate version of the early 20th century - a time of political upheaval in a society ravaged by man's obsession with ozone-powered technology.  The other is more of a traditional steampunk setting, although one spurred by the death of magic in an otherwise typical dungeons and dragons setting.  Decisions, decisions.

Next is NaGaDeMon - a friend and I have been tossing around ideas for a more geopolitical version of Axis and Allies, set in the cold war, and its time has come!  I've resolved to actually make, and hopefully play, this game by the end of the month.  We've figured out the hows, the whys and the wherefores, so at this point it's just a matter of hammering out  the rules and doing some playtesting to get the mix right.  This shouldn't be too hard, honestly.  I say that never having designed a board game before, of course.  So while I don't anticipate this taking up too much time, I fully understand that I base that on absolutely nothing.

Finally, the one that scares the crap out of me, NaNoWriMo.  I banged out my first 1700 words today with little difficulty, so uh... so far so good?  This is the one that I have the least confidence that I'll be able to complete, but I'm going to give it a shot.  I've had an idea rattling around in my bonebox for awhile now, and this seems as good a time as any to get it out.

Of course, I'm still planning on regular updates to the blog, and I still have The Clockwork Cave that I'm making fitful progress on.  I'm actually just about done with the writing part of it, I'm just stuck on how to close it out.  The Mayfly Queen has a tangential role in the module, so I hope folks really enjoyed that concept, because the adventure starts there and only gets weirder!

Oh, and my new wife and I are going on a roadtrip honeymoon later on this month around Thanksgiving, and I've got a fulltime job to fit inbetween the cracks of all these projects.

So my suspicion is that I've bitten off more than I can chew, but my hope is that if I can do half of what I've set out to, I can call this a very productive month!

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  1. That's a lot in one month. I feel lame - I'm just doing revisions on one manuscript. And a honeymoon? Congratulations on getting married!


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