Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tayxis: Big Oil Man

Time was, you were just another corporate climber, working a dead-end job in middle management.  You wished as hard as you could that someone would recognize your greatness, and too bad for you, somebody did.

Ol' Scratch rolled in like a dust storm one day, swaggering past the cubicles until he stopped at yours and started chewin' the fat.  Next thing you knew, you were signing on the dotted line, and you were part of the In Crowd.

Now, a couple years down the road, you own a piece of the City, you're married with three kids and a huge house, and all you want is that dead-end job back.  You're pretty sure your wife is keeping an eye on you for Splitfoot, your kids are next in line for recruitment, and your 7500 square foot ranch home in the burbs feels like a prison.  You've decided batting for this team isn't all it's cracked up to be, so you're trying out the other side.  You figure, maybe working with the enemy will earn you a little redemption when Judgement comes a'callin'.

Class: Big Oil Man
Ability Requirements: CHA 16, INT 12
Alignment Requirement: Any Evil
Prime Requisite: Charisma
Advances As: Rogue

The Big Oil Man is a damned soul, first and foremost.  Though they hope that by fighting against Satan, they'll find their way back into God's good graces, it's a lost cause.  When they signed their soul away to the Devil, they lost the ability to do good works.  Even their struggle for redemption is based solely upon self interest - they're only doing so because they don't like how the deal they made has turned out.

Nevertheless, they can be useful.  A Big Oil Man can talk a snake out of its scales on a good day, and they've got resources that most can only dream of.  Just don't forget that there will always be a thorn in any rose they hand you.  They just can't help it.

Resources - Big Oil Men have got Dolars.  Lots and lots of Dolars.  Assume that, if it can be bought, they can afford it.  That doesn't mean that whatever they want is readily available, mind.  It may take some doing, but given enough time, they can get their hands on just about anything.

Snakecharmer - Once per day, a Big Oil Man can reroll a Charisma check.  Increases to twice a day at 5th level, and three times a day at 10th.

Call In a Chit - Once per week, a Big Oil man gets a +4 to any die roll.

"Like my daddy always said, if you can't get in the front door, just go around to the back."

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