Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tayxis: Pig

You're no coffee-swillin' donut muncher.  You're out there on the streets keeping the scum in check.  People may not like you, but you don't need them to - they just need to respect the fucking badge.  Sure, sometimes you gotta cross a line, but you get shit done - your beat has one of the lowest murder rates in the city, and most of those murders you committed yourself, so the idiots that bitch about your tactics can eat it.  And so what if you take a little extra on the side, here and there?  It's not like the City pays you what you deserve, right?

So shut the fuck up, put your hands on the wall and spread 'em.

Class: Pig
Ability Requirements: Str 12
Alignment Requirement: Any non-Good 
Prime Requisite: Strength
Advances As: Fighter

The cops in Tayxis can be summed up in two words - big and mean.  The Tayxin government is of the rich, by the rich and for the rich, so why would its enforcers be anything less?

Encounters with the Pigs range from casually cruel to downright deadly.  They know there ain't a judge in the land that'll convict them of anything, so what's the point of holding back?  It all just depends on how bored they are when you meet them.  Most run protection scams, some actively contract out to various gangs and corporations.  From the perspective of the average citizen of Tayxis, there is very little difference between the Pigs and the Gangs - most would prefer to go each day without running into either.

Authority: Pigs can get away with anything, and I mean anything.  Other pigs will turn a blind eye, and even lie to protect anyone on their side of the fat blue line.

Guns'n'Gear: Pigs get their pick of weapons and equipment at 1st level - cost is not an issue.  Anything short of large-scale explosives is available.

Force of Personality: Once per day, you can force your will upon someone else and change their reaction status one step in your favor.  At 5th level, you can change their reaction status two steps in your favor.  At 10th level, you can do this twice per day.

L'etat c'est moi - Louis XIV
I Am the Law - Judge Dredd


  1. James,
    I am just curious, are these sketches a background to your FtA game or are they random? You have a lot of original ideas, that would make a great campaign setting, TotalitariANTS, TECHNO Zombies, but you don't go beyond the stereotype. BTW, your idea behind the BLOATERS is a central premise of the Last of Us videogame, based on the same Zombie Ant parasitic fungus. To make it work better, we expect the TotalitariANTS to be exactly as you describe them, but what you SHOULD do as a story teller, is give us a surprise, an insight, or a twist, if we scratch the surface and look inside.

  2. Anything labeled Tayxis is another project that I'm working on, mostly as a way of distracting myself when I'm stuck on something for FtA. Same blog, different game.

    Regarding the Bloat, funny you should mention that - the initial blog post for the Bloat was published the morning of the VMAs when the first trailer for the Last of Us hit. I was watching and was like, "They stole my idea!" Actually, from what I've read, we just both drew inspiration from the same source - the Planet Earth documentary on the fungus that attacks the ants.

  3. What kind of a game is Tayxis and what is it, that stumps you in the FtA?

  4. Here's the writeup on Tayxis -

    I guess it's really more of a setting than a game unto itself. I'm tentatively using 2e AD&D as the underlying ruleset, but in general it's pretty system-neutral.

    As for FtA, I'm just trying to capture the ideas in my head and squeeze them into the written word. Sometimes it flows, sometimes its stopped up and I need to not think about it for awhile. So I've got this as my "B" project.

  5. Interesting setting, Tayxis. Forget AD&D, try the Dust Devils rule set to bring Tayxis setting to the game table.

  6. While I'm a fan of Dust Devils, it's more of an "Old West" type of setting than I'm shooting for. Tayxis may have an "Old West" vibe, but only inasmuch as it has pockets of civilization surrounded by vast swaths of wasteland. Those pockets of civilization, though, are a bit more modern than Dust Devils evokes, at least to me.

  7. You can adopt a ruleset to any setting with just a bit of additional work. I am not a Texan, nor a particular fan of it, but let's see what it evokes in my memory: Dude raving wanting to move to St Padre Island; Riding along a highway from the airport and seeing an ocean of lights in the valley down below. I thought it was El Paso, but it was Ciudad Juarez; No Country for Old Men; Shirtz, Texas and the German pacifists of old; Fort Bliss Texas and German flyboys dreaming of Mexican Senioritas; Fort Hood, TX and a tall blue eyed aging fly-girl driving an old Caddie convertible. Dated conspicuously white cowboy dudes. a Mizz so and so; Cole Slaw with pineapple in it; Edge of Texas Restaurant; Desert freezing in the morning; Verizon only one that worked; Pedal to the Medal racing back to the barracks before dark, Sun sinking behind the mountains to the West, and Cheryl Manson of the band Garbage singing Milk (her best song lost in the late 1990's); Unheated barracks where you can stand in the shower forever under scalding hot water that ran eternally as well.


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