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Tayxis: Bright Lights, Big City

Up until this point, I've mostly toyed with the "Weird Western" aspects of Tayxis, but there's more to it
than just prairie dogs and barbed wire, or at least there can be, if someone so desires.

Because of the way technology works in Tayxis, there is an opportunity for completely different types of adventures once you get into the bigger cities.  Dee Eff Dubya, for instance, is pretty much the same in Tayxis as it is here.

Except it's not like here at all.

Foul beasts creep in from the wastelands, nesting in the sewers and tunnels that criss-cross the metroplexes.  Religious revivals are followed by counter-revivals  and neorevivals, as one spiritual trend after the next sweeps up the hoi polloi  in rapturous fervor.  Modern Primitives seek to knock the underpinnings of society free from their fragile moorings, while Big Oil Men set fire to the land, one oil field at a time, hoping to attract the attention of their demonic masters.

                                                                                ~ A Disinformation Guide to Dee Eff Dubya, 2014 ed.

Yeah, I'd say drugs are rampant, but cocaine and heroin?  Shit, that's for pussies and teenagers these days.  You haven't seen somebody get high - I mean really fucking high - until you've caught up with someone who just smoked some angel hair, or done a line of powdered demon's horn.  And speaking of angels and demons, whoo-boy.  Turns out they can NOT hold their shit together here on earth.  They almost all end up junkies, but they don't get addicted to drugs, or at least most of them don't.  They just get... fixated.  I used to know an angel that was addicted to the sound of a saxophone, and went into fits if one weren't playing constantly.  What happened to it?  Got killed trying to break into the apartment of the Saxman.  You know, the one that plays down at 35th and Vine?  Yeah, climbed through the guy's window in the middle of the night.  Saxman's girlfriend stabbed him in the eye with a letter opener.  A junkie is a junkie, no matter where they're from.

                                                                                                     ~ Sgt. Mike Greeley, DEDPD

The Devil lies under Palo Duro Canyon, my Brothers and Sisters!  He lies there, but he is not sleeping, oh no!  Do not be fooled my friends, for his agents walk the earth, and they reside in the buildings behind me!  Our very souls are in peril, and while the hour grows late, there is still time!  The First Assembly of End Times Salvation welcomes you all, and begs you, implores you - pick up your weapons and fight!  Fight while you are still able for the Devil's arm is long and his claws are sharp!  He reaches out - Hey!  Wait!  You can't.... Stop!  Aaaagh!  AAAGH!!!!!   HE - HELP ME FOR THE LOVE OF GAAAAA....  *unintelligible screaming*

~Final words of Hezekiah Smalls, moments before being ripped apart by an unseen force, as caught on tape.  Case Pending.  Tape property of DEDPD.

While I certainly understand the concerns of the citizens, I can assure you that the tremors and sinkholes which have sprung up are simply part of the natural order - these things are cyclical, you see.  Going back sixty years, you find another rash of such geological instability, and another eighty years before that.  It's just the way the Earth works, and has nothing to do with the recent rollout of our Urban Oil Project.  Let me state unequivocally - there is no correlation between the recent geological instability and injection wells or other fracking techniques at use in your neighborhoods.  

                                                                                                     ~ Elijah Brockman, CEO of Texxon Oil

Ah... um... yes.  At oh-four-forty, we were deployed to a position approximately three miles outside the Barrier, in response to a Terrorantula sighting.  We, uh... we established a beachhead at the, uh, the rise over there. It was then that we, uh, we discovered the tunnel.  As it turned out, a group of narcomutants had constructed a tunnel and were funneling their, uh... their product into the city via this method.  We found ourselves under fire from the, uh... the perpetrators, and uh... we sustained heavy casualties.  It was only due to the, uh... the Grace of the Good Lord... Is it okay that I said that?  Grace of the Good Lord?  Okay.  It was only due to the Grace of the Good Lord that we were able to defeat the, uh... the narcomutants.  I do understand them, uh... to be affiliated with the Cartel, but obviously, I... uh... I would have no way of knowing for sure.  I'm just a jarhead.

                                                                                 ~First Lieutenant Samuel Hayes, Tayxin Marine Corps

This city is ours for the taking...
                                                                 ~Timothy Sterns, Grand Warden, OAP (Ordinem Aurea Palma)

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  1. Dee Eff Dubuyas is awesome! Grounded angels and demons as well! Sax addiction is awesome! Makes sense, in the man who fell to earth kind of way! Man, you gotta write a book, before you change all the cool names!


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