Monday, November 4, 2013

Tayxis - The Antipostles

Squatting between Osteen and Dee Eff Dubya lies The Temple, the head of the spiritual hydra known as the Antipostles.

Corrupted by Saytin's sibilant promises of power and wealth, these degenerates have traded their souls willingly and now exist only to indulge their most basest instincts and foulest whims. A proselytistic order, they can be found among groups of people of any size, but the greater the number of potential converts, the greater the number of Antipostles to be found.

They are the bane of civilization, and all but the most powerful Antipostles hide their true allegiance when in public.  Instead, they tempt their victims first by glorifying their sins, then offering more, then a final choice - damnation or death.  Their ways are sophisticated, and their numbers grow on a daily basis - while the Temple was once a road-side attraction, it has swelled into a massive city.

They operate in extreme secrecy  - even at the Temple, they disguise their faces so that when they go out into the world, they cannot disclose their identity.  Only the Bishops and the Anti-Pope are powerful enough  to operate openly.


The Laity - These are the converted and near converted.  They practice their faith without actively recruiting others.
Deacon - This person has taken the first step.  Upon corrupting their first soul, a Lay Person is granted the honorific of Deacon and given a Priest to report to.
Priest - This person coordinates the efforts of their group of Deacons to turn the hearts of mortals.  They typically operate at a local level.
Bishop - A Bishop is a regional leader, responsible for the corruption of a large area.  They work with their Priests to turn a village, a town, even a city.  While they operate openly, they travel only in large groups, to protect themselves.
The Anti-Pope - A Singular being, legend has it that they ingest a piece of the Devil's own Flesh, and are subsumed by His Will.  Literally Saytin's agent in Tayxis, he directs the actions of Antipostles from the Piney Woods to the Prairie.

They are divided into seven Orders, each charged with promulgating one of their Seven Unholy Virtues.

Ordinem Vitulum Saginatum (Swine) - Recognizable by their girth and stature, the Swine are typically morbidly obese giants.  They can be found in the beer halls, honk-tonks and rib shacks at Tayxis.  Friendly enough, they are always willing to buy another round or share their plate, and never one to talk about cost, seemingly happy enough just to share their meal.  Bit by bit, they ease the way to damnation with chicken grease and liquor.

Ordinem Aurea Palma (Bean Counters) - Nobody has it as easy as they do, the OAP says.  After all, who doesn't want more?  More money, more power, more women, more more more.  And all the Bean Counters have to do is give it to them, because if there's anything true in this world, it's that the more you have, the more you want.  If there's a card game, dog fight or numbers racket anywhere, chances are if you follow the money far enough, you'll find the OAP.

Ordinem Oculus Remissas (Slavers) - Why do something yourself when you can get someone else to do it for you?  The Slavers' duty is to promote Sloth, and they've found that slavery is a particularly delicious way to go about it.  Officially, slavery is outlawed in Tayxis.  Unofficially, it is alive and well, and not restricted to those of any race, creed or color.  Amonst themselves, members of the OOR will hold competitions to see who most creatively replace self-motivation with slave assistance.

Ordo Phialam Fractum (Psychos) - You'll find the psychos in the barroom brawl, or at the political rally.  You'll find them mouthing off to a group of drunken cowboys or shoving someone in the street.  They know just how to get under your skin, and give them half a chance and you'll be flying off the handle along with them.  After all, they say, you have to let the anger out, and it's fun to be angry.

Ordinem Abyssi (Provokers) - The Provokers are just that - they inspire Envy in others by finding their way into the thoughts and desires of their victims, and then tormenting them by their possession of those very things.  You want a pool?  They will buy the house next to yours and put in a water slide.  Single and lonely?  They'll introduce you to the most beautiful woman in the world, and then reveal that she's married - to them.  Seemingly unaware, they will drive someone mad with desire for the things that they do not possess.

Ordo Autem Sol Meridie (Egoists) - The opposite of the Provokers, the Egoists will puff up those that already possess, inviting them to exclusive clubs with hulking bouncers that reject anyone who doesn't meet a certain standard, and then lifting the velvet rope for them.  Just when they have everything, the Egoists will take it away, and most will do anything to have it back.

Ordo Gnomone Coxae (Whores) - While the Bean Counters say they have it easiest, most agree that the Whores' job is a walk in the park.  They are able to seduce their way to almost anyone they set their bedroom eyes upon.  Give them ten minutes alone with someone, and their darkest fantasies will lay revealed.  Given a second ten minutes, that person will have signed their soul away for a third ten minutes together.

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