Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tayxis: Soundtrack

Taking a page from +Jack Shear 's playbook, I've created a soundtrack for Tayxis.  You may think you know Tayxin music, but you don't.  Is there some country in here?  Sure, but this ain't no Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks poppy bullshit.  This music is one part rotgut, two parts rattlesnake venom.  It's, in the words of Waylon Jennings, lonesome, on'ry and mean.  So break out your whiskey, kick off your boots, roll yourself a cigarillo and enjoy.

Here is the soundtrack.

Also, because it's on 8tracks, and they're weird about playlists, I'm posting it here.  I'm also providing links to their websites, in case you're interested in hearing more.

This Is Desperation - Those Poor Bastards
Anhelo - Sons of Perdition
The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash
The Day the End Finally Came - William Elliott Whitmore
Snake Song - Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan
Hero - Federale
Big Iron - Marty Robbins
Fire on Peshtigo - O'Death
Fireworks Factory - Hellwood
Dark In My Heart - The Coffinshakers
After Dark - Tito & Tarantula
The Ride - David Allen Coe
Theme for Ennio Morricone - Murder By Death
Paris, Texas - Ry Cooder
Sandstorm - Francesco Angelo Lavagnino
The Trail - Christian Williams
I'm a Ramblin' Man - Waylon Jennings
The Bottle Let Me Down - Merle Haggard
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie - Johnny Cash
This Land is Cursed - Sons of Perdition

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  1. Ahhh, another Coffinshakers fan. Great list!

    And, familiar with The Voodoo Organist? Think you might dig 'im.


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