Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tayxis: Cadáver de Christo

Long ago, along a deserted stretch of the Endless Sea, a fisherman watched a body wash ashore.  This body was special.  Although it was quite dead, it showed no signs of rot, nor was it bloated, as most bodies swept ashore were.  The body was possessed of a great beauty, and even as it gently came to rest on the white sandy beach, the fisherman was struck by the gently pursed lips, the cheeks which still held a flush, even in death.  Most of all, he was struck by the delicate features which loomed above him, for this body was that of a giant.

Time has passed, but the corpse of the Nephilim still sits on the beach of southwest Tayxis.  Much of the body has sunk into the sand, but the head still juts above, and life has taken root upon the remains.  Even though the spirit has left the body of the Nephilim, the flesh remains, and has provided for those that have made it their home.  Over the years, Cadáver de Christo has developed into a marvel of the endurance of life - initially a squatter's heaven, a true city has built up on and around the Nephilim's skull.  First named Christo as an affectionate nickname for the corpse itself, the city has since taken the name for its own.

With the unfortunate, however, comes those willing to exploit them, and it didn't take long for Cadáver to be added to the name.  Nowadays, Cadáver de Christo is a slum.  Most houses were initially built from shoddy materials, and the body of the Nephilim is slowly sinking into the earth, occasionally taking homes and people with it.  Conservative estimates suggest that the body will be completely lost within 20 years.

In the meantime, however, there is a nigh infinite supply of food, as the body does not rot, and regenerates any damage done to it.  Thus, the economy of the slum-town is based around the harvesting of the Nephilim's flesh, which is exported all around Tayxis.

Pro Tip: if eating Nephilim flesh makes you uncomfortable, don't order the brisket.  Ever.

While there are several legitimate companies which operate in Cadáver de Christo, there are also rumors that the Cartel has secured access to the interior of the body, and is extracting tissue samples from various internal organs using drug-enslaved press gangs to do the heavy lifting.

Life for the workers in the "legitimate" factories are little better.  With no oversight or regulation, worker fatalities are high, and more than one has been mixed into the "brisket".

Pro-er Tip: Even if you're cool with eating Nephilim flesh, if eating human flesh disturbs you, don't order the brisket.  Ever.

Visitors to Cadáver de Christo are struck first by the fact that the city is largely crooked.  As the body has sank, the houses that were initially upright have begun to lean backwards, and are mostly held up by large planks and logs, shipped in by the factory owners from the Piney Woods.  Gangs of children mob any who appear to have two coins to rub together, and adults are almost invariably dirty and exhausted from the struggle of day-to-day life.  The wealthy build extensions on their houses relative to the shifting of the body, so many have taken on a curved shape as they struggle to remain upright.

Some believe that the wealthy of Cadáver de Christo have exploited the poor for too long.  Recently, there
has been a spate of acts of sabotage, vandalism and some might even say terrorism, led by an organization calling itself Libertad.  They are known by their luchador masks, although whether they are actually members of the popular Liga de los Luchadores Libres is, at present, unknown.

Only two things can be said definitively about the group - they use the poster pictured here to announce actions they perpetrate, or at least approve, of, and they are led by a masked man who goes by the name of El Santo.

Recent acts of disobedience included rerouting a waste pipe from one of the meat packing plants to the home of its owner, organizing a strike at another plant, and calling for a "Day of Disobedience", where workers would all stay home.

While the movement is still small, it is gaining support.


  1. I love that picture. Where did you find it? Or did you make, in which case, awesome picture!

  2. It's by Jacek Yerka - I don't know the specific name of the piece, but if you enjoy this sort of thing, he does quite a bit of it!

  3. Awesome. This is one of my favorite Tayxis stories so far.


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