Monday, November 25, 2013

Tayxis: Damnation

Like The Louvin Brothers said, "Satan Is Real" and nowhere is that more true than deep in the heart of Tayxis.

Although I've been using AD&D 2e for system specific stuff (that may change in the near future when I start going back and collating all of this stuff, but for now....), I'm adding another "stat" - Damnation.

You can't tell a horror story in America - especially in a setting based on Texas - without the disposition of the soul coming into play at some point.

So my thinking is that the Damnation Stat replaces Alignment, and that some characters start off with more than others.  It should serve a dual purpose - it should inform your gameplay, sort of a measure of your altruistic intent (or lack thereof), and also serve some sort of mechanical purpose, say the higher you go, the greater the likelihood that you'll wake up one morning smelling like burnt toast, or perhaps you grow little nubbins for horns.  Not sure yet, but that's the gist of the idea.  Or maybe it just acts as a modifier to reaction rolls - the Damned Know Their Own sort of thing.

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