Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gaming Theory

Last night, I picked up a copy of Sorceror, an indie game published by Adept Press in 2002 that was written by Ron Edwards, winner of the 2002 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming.  This reminded me of how much I enjoy his articles.  I'm a member of The Forge, his forum for game development, although I don't feel as though From The Ashes has developed to the point where I'm comfortable sharing.  I also take time as often as I'm able to read through The Archives for discussions on Game Theory and other various and sundry topics related to RPGs.  A couple of my favorite articles include:

Fantasy Heartbreakers
More Fantasy Heartbreakers

And there are some selected articles Here

I still examine games (and GMs) through the lens of his GNS Theory, even though he's since abandoned it in favor of the Big Model.  GNS just works for me, especially as I GM - I can watch my players and, by figuring out which style of gaming they play, determine what it is they're looking for from my game. 

So if you've ever thought about RPGs, I mean really THOUGHT about them, take some time to get to know Mr. Edwards!

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