Friday, May 11, 2012

Steve Jackson's Ogre collects almost 1 million dollars!

So Steve Jackson's Ogre Kickstarter wrapped up today, collecting just shy of $1 million - $923,680.  That is absolutely astounding, especially when you consider they only requested $20,000 to begin with.  There were 5512 backers for Ogre, which amounts to the average person giving $167!!  That shows some serious enthusiasm for a product. 

I think what's especially interesting is when you put it in the context of media in general, and the direction it's going.  Up until now, publishers have held the pursestrings, and acted as the gatekeepers, determining what it is that the public would be exposed to.  And while self-publishing and the like has opened things up a bit, let's face it most DIY projects just don't typically have the production value of mainstream marketed products.  Kickstarter levels the playing field - it allows you to narrowcast in the extreme, connecting with people who share your particular/peculiar interest to raise money for the product you want, as opposed to the product the companies tell you you want.

What's interesting, to me at least, about this project was that, up until this point, as far as I know, most Kickstarters had been projects in the idea/design phase, collecting money to raise the production value of their product.  Steve Jackson used it essentially as a preorder system - the game was essentially done, it was just a matter of determining how many to make.  Did it cut into the profits of FLGSs?  Maybe/probably, but at the same time, you can't play Ogre by yourself.  Most of those 5,512 backers are going to need people to play against, and each of those people are a potential sale the FLGSs CAN take advantage of. 

All in all, I'd say this is a win, not just for Steve Jackson, but for the gaming industry as a whole.  If Steve Jackson can collect a cool million on a game that hasn't been in print for over 10 years, imagine the possibilities for our neck of the woods...


  1. GMT Games, a wargame company, does the same, though not through Kickstarter. They list out of print games and when they reach they're goal of 500 pre-orders they then move to production.

  2. I did buy mine through my FLGS, but the FLGS participated in the kickstarter.


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