Sunday, October 21, 2012


So I read this page awhile back, which has prompted me to set up my +James MacGeorge g+ account, (which also explains why I've abandoned purestrainhuman, in case you were wondering - if I wanted to link my blogger account with my g+ account, I had to use a real name, not my nom de plume).  I followed all the directions on the page, and have started engaging in the online g+ community, and I'm interested in the idea of gaming via hangout and such.  While I've read the information , I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it conceptually.  I think I might need to observe a game, see how it works mechanically.  I see people talking about playing talking alligators wearing sweaters, and others playing half orc paladins, my brain turns to mush.

I haven't seen any negative reviews of the process, so it must be working for others, and I'd love the opportunity to play more games, I just need to figure out the right trajectory from which to approach it.


  1. From my experience with G+/Flailsnails gaming, it's pretty laid back. You've got an Orc, but he's really just a BX Dwarf reskinned? Cool. He's a Cleric with a Mark V blaster from a Gamma World crossover game? Cool!

    If you're running the game, you pretty much just need to decide on a couple of lines in the sand (no 3E feats or whatever) and feel free to tell a player that they can't use X for the session, or will use it in some other way just for this one time. Tends to work out.

  2. All trajectories are good. Just keep an eye out for games, be proactive about contacting people, and get involved. Just bring yourself and an open mind =)


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