Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm back... and I'm all about YOU

Back to reality.  Or rather, back to escaping reality. 

The picture to the right is the word cloud generated from this blog, proving I talk about YOU along.  Yes you.

Anyways, I had a fun time, got married, and  discovered a really awesome FLGS out on Cape Cod, gamenight.net.  Yes, their name includes the .net, which is also their website.  Which isn't operational right now, but as it says, the store is open.  And it's really quite good.  They have a wall of 40% off stuff, which puts them near and dear to my heart in these troubled times.  I picked up a slew of old Dungeon Crawl Classics, including the Cage of Delirium, which came with a CD by Midnight Syndicate.  Also found a copy of The Lost CIty of Barakus, which looks like a TON of fun. 

Came home to find my copies of Lamentations of the Flame Princess' new books had arrived, along with a copy of a module I half remember from ages ago that had stuff to do with time.  With time  being a key factor in the Clockwork Cave, I'm looking forward to reading through it.  I also found a bunch of stuff in the dollar bin at Half Price Books.  More than likely it deserves to be there, but for a dollar I'll take a chance.

I'm most interested in a game called Morpheus.  I picked the main book and several supplements up for less than $20, so my expectations are pretty low.  I couldn't help but chuckle at the claim on the back that it had been, "Heralded as the best roleplaying system ever developed".  But hey, in for a penny in for a pound, right?  The idea seems to be that you operate within a shared dream, so literally anything can happen.  Okay, whatever.  To be honest I skipped right by the main book and only went back for it when I stumbed upon the supplement "Operation: Hitler".  I'm going to paste the blurb from the back so you can understand why.

Innocent Dreamwarriors, drafted and shipped off to Europe to assassinate "the man that represents the greatest threat the human race has ever known." If they fail, they die. If they succeed, they probably die anyway. If only things were that easy!
Operation: Hitler! is an adventure for Morpheus characters of 2nd to 4th level. Adventuring in the past, you are conscripted for a suicidal mission: fly into Europe to destroy the Nazi party with a surgical strike. Or maybe not.


PLUS: Important addenda and errata for the Morpheus RPG. No Referee should be without this!

I know, right?????????????

I needed to know what the hell was going on there.  So yeah, um.  Snagged.

One final note, I volunteered to by the RPG coordinator for Dwarf Con 2013, being held in Austin, TX.  If any of you are in the area, or plan to be in early May, or just love Dwarves, the idea of a Dwarf-based RPG, or both, enough to change your plans, come on down.  Details will be coming, but essentially, it was borne of a stretch goal on Mike Nystul's Axes and Anvils kickstarter.  Which I had the pleasure to playtest recently, as some of you may recall.  Anyhow, Mike's got a lot of big things planned for the Con, so clear yer calendars!  I'll repost updates here as they become available!

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