Friday, April 6, 2012

The Armageddon Cave

I've settled into a dungeon for my post-apocalyptic fantasy... thing, rather than a setting.  At least to begin with.  My hope is that the things that I lay out in Armageddon Cave can be expanded upon to create a setting, but starting small and expanding seemes like a reasonable way to go about things.

As I stated previously, the idea centers around a ship crashing into the side of a mountain, the energies which piloted the ship leaking into the surrounding ecosystem, and changing things, not for the better.  I see whole new species being introduced, strange new creatures, riffing off of familiar favorites. 

I love the fact that in megadungeons, there are always competing factions, vying for control, and I see that as being a big part of this project.  The Cave may have been locked away from the attentions of the surface dwellers for quite some time, but a fierce battle has been raging below all this time.  A battle for resources, a battle for dominance and supremacy.  In the spirit of that combat, traps!  Lots of traps!  No better way to keep a rival group out of your territory than false floors, poisoned locks and illusions designed to pick off the unwary.

The difficulty level is going to be high here - this dungeon has been under an evolutionary heat lamp for the last several thousand years - only the strongest have survived, and my hope is that some of the things they've done will surprise and horrify the players.

And at the center of the Cave lies a surprise.  Something is down there, something that has survived all this time, something with a ferocious intelligence and a bottomless hunger.  Something that will stop at nothing to prevent it's existence from being revealed.

I've started mapping things out, and I've designed several of the dungeon's denizens.  I'm estimating this should take me several months, but I'm committing myself to regular updates on here, to keep me moving. 

So three cheers for the Armageddon Cave!

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