Sunday, April 1, 2012

Who's John McLane?

Forget Die Hard, it's been made redundant.

Shocking?  Sacrilegious, even? You'll understand when you've seen what I've seen.

Opening last weekend on a limited engagement is Maylasian film, The Raid (or The Raid: Redemption if you're in America).   Take an idea riffing off of Die Hard, the aesthetic of Mad Max and the feel of a video game, and you can almost describe what it's like to watch this movie.

How often do you go to a movie where the audience is applauding while the movie is still going on?

Yeah, it's that good. 

Featuring some of the most extreme martial arts sequences you're likely to see, an unflinching commitment to realism, and, surprisingly enough, a solid story and capable acting, this movie is the bee's knees.

Get off the couch and go see it while it's in theaters!

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