Friday, March 23, 2012

The Block

As anyone who follows this blog can guess, I've hit a bit of writers block when it comes to the game this blog was originally supposed to document.  I've listed the mutations, I've got a good idea for a character progression system that is skill based, rather than level based, lots of rivals/monsters, and lots of background and flavor.  And, um... that's about it.  As much as I'd like a "rules lite" setting, I think the precedent set by the character progression system pretty much precludes it.  I don't want to be inconsistant, and the skill based progression fits with the theme of the game - that actions matter.

It doesn't help that I've started GMing again, which, honestly, has been a blast.  I've got a great crew of players, who each bring something different to the group, and makes for a dynamic that has been alot of fun to tinker with.  Problem is, it saps my creative juices.  Every time I start daydreaming about something for From the Ashes, it ends up getting mutated into an idea for the 2e game.   

So I may try and serve two masters for awhile.  I've got an idea for a post apocalyptic fantasy... something that I'm going to try and set up.  Maybe a setting, maybe a dungeon, I dunno.  I just have notions of a ship, powered by unholy energies, crash landing into the side of a mountin.  Generations later, there are cannibalistic goblins lobotomizing their young to keep them from being mind controlled by the hulking descendants of the mind flayers who piloted the ship, their tentacles mere nubs, their psychic powers reduced to rudimentary levels.  I imagine the descendants of ancient adventuring parties, devolved into one mixed race with characteristics of dwarves, humans, gnomes and halflings, divided up into tribes based on classes.

Vague notions, but my hope is that it's similar enough to the 2e game that any of my crazy ideas that don't work in that game will spill over, and become something usable.

Here's hoping!


  1. I fell your pain!

    I think the last thing I personally wrote was back in September, tons of ideas, loads of notes - no progress. Like you I thought a spot of GMing would help clear the block, didn't work, so I started running another game and it still didn't really help...
    Games are going ok though :)

  2. Just work on it as inspiration strikes. As the immortal George Clinton taught us, you can't fake the funk.


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