Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things To Do

After last night's session, the party has a full plate indeed.  It all started when the dwarven cleric, in a drunken stupor, flew the ship north instead of south, inviting attack by a White Dragon.  They were able to slay the beast, but the cost was high - the life of Serendipity, the NPC sibling of Chartreuse was lost to the initial blast of the icy breath weapon.  Luckily, they were able to trade the corpse of the dragon to an elven mage, who put in a good word with the High Priestess of Solanfir, the Elven Goddess of Renewal, Rebirth, Spring, etc.  She cast a limited Resurrection spell, which brings the dead back for seven days.  There is a cave, however, where time flows strangely, slightly to the east of the elven city.  At the heart of this cave lies a pool which, should the resurrected submerge themselves within it, will make their resurrection permanent.

The party managed to stumble through a formal dinner with the King of the Elves without causing a major incident.  Not for lack of trying, though.  The dwarven priest, again intoxicated, picked a fight with some elven nobles, but was subjected to a Hold Person spell, and they shaved him.  He currently plots his revenge.

Oh and a Yuan-Ti was present at the dinner.  The party is convinced is either an illithid in disguise, or a spy.  Possibly both.

The dinner was productive, however - it turns out they're not quite done with the dungeon they abandoned last session - in addition to recovering the sacred gem of the Dwarven Beer God, there is an elven Star Seer who has gone missing in the same area.  They were also given a lead on the strange writings they recovered from the dwarven altar the illithids desecrated.  It turns out that they are written in the hidden language of the mind flayers, a language whose secrets are jealously guarded by the star-spawned creatures.  Only a few people in the entire world know even a handful of the symbols, and the papers the party found represent the largest example of their writing found to date.  The foremost expert on the language is a high mage by the name of Magrush, in the Human capitol of Sundallassar. 

There was also a fight with a pair of yeti, one of which was subdued, and is now being trained to read and write, while chained up in the hold of their flying ship.

Yep, it's one of those types of games.


  1. It's kind of unfair of you to call Torvalds a yeti. Oh, wait - you mean the REAL yeti. Sorry.


    Fun game last night, btw.

    - Ark

  2. Awwww. I always wanted a pet yeti.


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