Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Light on Quests Mountain

I remember picking this up as a lad, at a garage sale.  I was big into Choose Your Own Adventure books, and the cover grabbed me right off the bat.  Co-written by James Ward, these definitely had a je ne sais quoi that my pre-rpg brain connected with.  I remember sitting up nights, going through the book over and over, trying to get the "perfect" ending.  At some point, I put it away, and forgot all about it.

Years later, having since actually played Gamma World, I was back at my parents' house, and was digging through my old stuff, and found my beat up copy.  I couldn't help but wonder if my affection for the book had somehow influenced me subconsciously, years later, to get into D&D, and subsequently Gamma World.  Probably not, but it's fun to imagine such things.

Reading through it as an adult, though, I was surprised to see that the story, for all intents and purposes, holds up as an actual adventure, and in fact, I ended up lifting large parts of Light on Quests Mountain for an adventure I ran, with the final battle in the robot's control room plagiarized directly from it. 

Looking on the interwebs, I see that a number of these were written, including three more Gamma World adventures.  I'll be keeping an eye out on ebay for any good lots that I can pick up cheap.

Who knows how many more adventure seeds they hold?


  1. Over the last 4 years, I have made it a goal to collect every TSR Endless Quest book produced. I am within 4 of my goal of a complete collection of Series One and Two -- and that includes all of the Super Endless Quests, all with the character cards included. Off the top of my head, there were four Gamma World EQ books: Lights on Quest Mountain, Mystery of the Ancients, The 24-Hour War, and American Knights.

  2. I used to get all those Endless Quest books through Troll and Scholastic book clubs as a wee one, and I read them over and over. I even had the boxed set (books 1-3? 1-4?) with its own slipcase.

    But for the life of me, I can't remember anything about Light On Quests Mountain other than the Orlen girl and her glowcube.

    Now I want to hunt it down.


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