Friday, July 27, 2012

President Palin vs. the Space Nazis

That's right, Iron Sky - the ONLY movie this year that promises you Nazis from the Moon is coming to the USA, and if you can get enough people to buy tickets in advance, they can come to YOUR town!  Iron Sky has struck a deal with Tugg, a sort of Kickstarter-type crowd funding program for movies.  You set up a page, you advertise it, and if enough people buy tickets by a week before the show, the movie plays in the theater of your choice!  A pretty awesome idea, I think, and especially so since it's bringing the most anticipated movie of 2012 to my back yard!!!

So if you're in the Dallas area, and you want to see the pinnacle of modern cinema, then go to this page and preorder your tickets to see Iron Sky at the Texas Theater in Dallas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The show is set for August 22nd, and only 38 more tickets are needed to be purchased by August 15th, so go!  Buy!  Schnell schnell!

What's that you say?  You haven't heard of this cinematic work of genius?  Well then let me introduce you to it, via one of the greatest trailers ever put together by human hands.

If you're not in the Dallas area, follow this link to find a show in your area, or set one up on your own!

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