Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weird RPG Item Alert: Dice Gauntlet

From the Description: 

So much can be lost in the roll of a die. What better way to challenge and defy the iron grip of fate than with a defiant shake of your fist? Presenting the Dice Gauntlet, by Geekify Inc. Powered by an ATMega system, the Dice Gauntlet is a multi-purpose piece of gaming gear designed to turn your game sessions into an impressive display of dice-rolling prowess. Featuring two independent displays, the Gauntlet can roll two separate dice of any type at a time. Set the mode to whatever dice setting you need, shake your fist at destiny or defiantly pound the table, and watch as the bracer produces your digital dice roll.

Do away with your hoard of multi-sided dice - this bracer can do it all! Coin flips, d6, d8, d20, d100, and everything in between! Each display also features a counter mode to keep track of life and score, allowing you to track your character's status at any time, as well as an optional timer mode to keep track of time spent, or to count down in a race against time.

Conquer those Dungeons, slay those Dragons, and Blessings of Dia upon you. Epic gear isn't just for games any more.

**Note: our circuitboards are currently back-ordered, so please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping!**

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Found on Etsy

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