Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Lull

I've been on a bit of gaming withdrawal of late.  Ark took ill recently, and another friend has been going through some stuff, which has left my Wednesdays and Saturdays oddly free.  My better half and I have taken advantage of the free time to rearrange the house, and the result has been quite satisfying.  The living room has been transformed into a dining room/library/game room hybrid, with all four of my Borders (RIP) bookcases lined up in a row, and another, smaller bookcase rounding out things.  Lots of room now - we can even put a leaf in the table so nobody has to rub elbows anymore, and there is even enough room for people to walk from one side of the table to the other without folks having to climb over each other to do so.  Very exciting.

This has also allowed us to engage in other delayed endeavors.  Much to my chagrin, I had never seen the Buffy TV show that everyone always raves about.  Now I know why.  We're almost done, and considering making the jump to Angel immediately following, although I've been jonesing to watch Deep Space Nine again, or perhaps Space: 1999.

The important bit, though, is that I've actually started working on From the Ashes in earnest.  After several years of poking at it idly when the mood struck me, I have been able to devote actual time to working through some of the issues that have stumped me, and I think I can see something semi-coherent taking shape by year's end.  Of course, between now and then, I'm getting married so between getting ready for that, the honeymoon, etc. all kinds of things can happen.  So, yeah.  Not much of an update, but a positive one.

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