Monday, September 23, 2013

Tayxis: Bestiary

Some of the beasts that haunt the wilds of Tayxis:

Barbed Wire Golem: No. Appearing: 1d6 AC 2; MV 14; HP 30; Dmg 1d6; Special; Str 14 Con 13 Dex 16 Int 3 Wis 3 Cha 3; Alignment Neutral; THAC0 14; Entangle - Anyone struck successfully by a Barbed Wire Golem will take 1d6 points of automatic damage each round until a successful Dexterity check is passed.
Description: Called into being by dark arts, these unnatural creatures typically serve as servants or guards.  Unintelligent, they serve only the whims of their masters.

Harmadillo: No. Appearing: 2d4 AC 2; MV 12; HP 10; Dmg 1d6 (claw);1d6 (claw) 1d4 (bite); Special; Str 10 Con 15 Dex 12 Int 8 Wis 3 Cha 3; Alignment Neutral; THAC0 14; Disease - Anyone struck by a Harmadillo must pass a Constitution check or contract a wasting disease.  Unless treated, the victim will lose one physical stat point per month (Roll 1d6 - 1,2 - Str 3,4 - Con 5,6 - Dex)
Description: Extremely belligerent and highly territorial, many a Tayxin has perished after stumbling into a Harmadillo den.  Their tough shells make them highly resistant to damage, and their propensity for infecting humans with disease are cause enough for most to steer well clear.

Terrorantula: No. Appearing: 1 AC 3; MV 24; HP 65; Dmg 1d8(x8); 1d4(x2)+ special; Str 18 Con 16 Dex 6 Int 6 Wis 5 Cha 3; Alignment Neutral; THAC0 13; Poison - Anyone struck by the mandibles of the Terrorantula must pass a Constitution check or they are poisoned, suffering 1d6 hp the first round, 1d4 the second, 1d3 the third, and 1 hp the fourth.  A successful Con check at any time halts the poison's progress.
Description: Tayxins are extremely thankful that these beasts are as rare as they are.  None can say where they come from, they simply emerge from the desert.  Massive in size, they lay waste to entire towns and leave devastation in their wake.

Spider Wolf (Mother): No. Appearing: 1 AC 5; MV 8; HP 25; Dmg 1d6(x2); 1d3+Special; Str 11 Con 13 Dex 15 Int 8 Wis 4 Cha 3; Alignment Neutral; THAC0 16; Poison - Anyone struck by the bite of the Spider Wolf must make a Constitution check at a -2 or be paralyzed for 1d8 rounds.  Note that if this occurs, the Spider Wolf will attempt to abandon combat and drag the prey off into a nearby hole.  See below for details.
Spider Wolf (Babies): No Appearing: 3d20 AC 9; MV 16; HP 3; Dmg 1; Str 6 Con 6 Dex 6 Int 3 Wis 3 Cha 3; Alignment Neutral; THAC0 19
Description: Few creatures are as despised and feared as the Spider Wolf.  An evolved cousin of the Wolf Spider, the Spider Wolf's reproductive habits justify that fear.  Their poison is a paralytic, and they will use it on unsuspecting humans as they enter their fertility cycle.  After laying several thousand eggs in the still-living body, the Spider Wolf will web the unfortunate to its back, and carry it around until they hatch.  Obviously, the victim does not survive this process.


  1. Awesome monsters, based on reality and with just a touch of Tayxin flair in the description. Armadillos really carry a disease (plague, I think), Tarantula bites are painful but non-lethal. Love the spider wolf!

    Check out a great anti-western film about a Texan oil man - There Will Be Blood, with Daniel Day Lewis (I think).

  2. I like the beasties, particularly the golem. I can visualize them twisting and writhing across the plains.

    And BB above? Armadillos carry leprosy.


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