Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tayxis: Preacher

You're a hard drinkin', harder prayin' man of the cloth, going out into the wilderness with the Good Book in one hand and a revolver full of blessed bullets in the other.  You don't tell Saytin to get behind you, you tell him to get the f&¢k off your lawn, and put two in his backside as he goes.

You're on your holy pilgrimage, walkin' the earth and you're gonna save some souls, whether they like it or not.  Yeah, sure, sometimes you see things - visions, you reckon.  Sometimes they pan out, sometimes they don't.  Near as you can tell, the dust is so thick out here on the plains, even Gawd can't see straight all the time.  Some folks think you're crazy, but you?  You know you've been touched, and you don't give two squirts of piss what other people think about it.

You're out there, doin' what's right and if Gawd can't see that, then to hell with him.

Class: Preacher
Ability Requirements: Wis 12
Alignment Restriction: Any Good or Neutral
Prime Requisite: Wisdom
Advances as: Cleric

A preacher is a man of Gawd, but prefers to do his preaching out among his flock, rather than from behind a pulpit.  He ventures out, righting wrongs and fighting Saytin wherever he can be found.  The life he lives is a difficult one, and often they find themselves subject to fits of what some would call insanity, others divine inspiration.  Many struggle with their condition, and turn to alcohol, opium or other addictions to get them through the day.

Revelation - The Preacher's greatest weapon in his war against Saytin.  Once per session, the Preacher may succumb to a Vision.  The GM should roll a d20, and modify the roll by the Character's Wisdom bonus - on a 15 or higher, the vision is truly prophetic, and offers guidance or insight into some problem that he is facing.  If the roll is between 11 and 15, the vision is one of torment, resulting in a -1 to all checks for the rest of the day.  On a roll of less than 10, the visions reveal a false prophecy, offering only lies.  Also note that regardless of the outcome, the Preacher is incapacitated for 1d4 turns.

Virtuous Vice - Every Preacher has their vice - for many it's alcohol, but for some it's drugs, for others its women.  When creating the character, the player should choose the Preacher's vice.  Once per day, the Preacher can indulge their vice, and gain a +1 to rolls tied to a single attribute for an hour following.   Each vice should have a negative effect, however - a Preacher whose vice is alcohol may have a +1 to Dexterity rolls, but they are still piss drunk, for instance.

Praise Gawd and Pass the Ammunition - A Preacher can bless any weapon, using purified water and his holy symbol.  This blessing will cause the weapon to do double damage against evil or demonic beings the next time it strikes.

One look at their faces, and I could tell the Good Lord was using my prayers to wipe his ass. - Jesse Custer, Preacher (1995)

God has mercy - I don't! - Padre Benicio Del Toro, Machete (2010)

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