Friday, September 20, 2013

Tayxis Mini Adventure: The Alamo

Deep in the heart of San Antone lies the Ruins of the Alamo.  It was the site of the battle between a group of beleaguered Tayxin patriots and the savage hordes of Contra-Santa Anna.  Some say the blood rituals performed within the Alamo's walls upon the desecrated corpses of Jim Bowie, Davey Crockett and the rest of the Martyrs were what drew Saytin to Tayxis to begin with.

Ever since the massacre, Tayxins have avoided the Ruins of the Alamo, which squat in the center of the city like a black, diseased heart that drains the life from all around it.  Strange sounds can be heard coming from within after dark, and an overwhelming sense of dread washes over any who view it, increasing the closer they come.  Planes divert around its airspace, and not even insects seem to stir in its vicinity.

While nothing can go in, the residents of San Antone can only wish that nothing would come out.  The Immortal 32, a group of rangers originally from the nearby town of Gonzalez, were the only group to make it to the Alamo before the massacre.  Unfortunately, they approached under cover of darkness, and were fired upon by the Tayxin defenders.  As they died, they cursed those within the walls, swearing that they would have their revenge.

Now, on every full moon, the Immortal 32 rise from their graves and swarm outwards into the city, looking to turn back the Mexican invaders.  Unfortunately, ravens plucked the eyes from their corpses, so they simply slaughter any they come across.  Superstition has it that the sound of ravens are the only thing that can drive them away, and almost every house in San Antone keeps a caged raven outside its front door.

Recently, a map of the Alamo as it existed at the time of the massacre was uncovered, and the call has gone out for professionals to enter the tomb and free San Antone of its curse.

Immortal 32: Undead, AC 2; MV 12; HP 45; Dmg by weapon; Str 15 Con 12 Int 8 Wis 6 Cha 3; Alignment Lawful Evil; THAC0 10; Enchanted Rifle+1 - These rifles always have a round in the chamber, and can fire once per round.

If the Alamo is entered while the Immortal 32 are on their rampage, they will turn back and rush to defend its walls, but will find themselves prevented from reentering until sunrise.  They will beat against the invisible barrier, furious that once more, they are too late.

Map of the Alamo:
Original, in larger size here -

Approximately 200 Tayxins died at the Alamo, and all of their corpses still wander the area.  Many stand aimlessly in the Plaza, while others crouch within the barracks, pantomiming the same menial tasks they performed in life.

Tayxin Dead: Undead, AC 9; MV 9; HP 6; Dmg 1d4 or by weapon; Str 12 Con 14 Int 3 Wis 3 Cha 3; Alignment Neutral Evil; THAC0 18; Sense Living - The Tayxin Dead have a 1 in 6 chance of sensing any living being within 10 yards, regardless of any obstructions or attempts to hide.  Once they have sensed the living, they will attack until destroyed.  If a Tayxin Dead is attacking a living being, the chance for other Tayxin Dead in the area to Sense Living increases to 1 in 4.

The Old Chapel: In the Southeast corner of the compound sits the Old Chapel.  It was here that Contra-Santa Anna performed his diabolical rituals, using the bodies of the fallen as fuel to summon his lord and master to Tayxis.  Upon entering the Chapel, any living being must pass a Con check or be overwhelmed by a fetid odor which permeates the building.  Any who fail spend 1d4 rounds retching.  Time spent in the Chapel subjects visitors to horrifying visions of the massacre, superimposed over the Chapel as it currently exists.  This has a disorienting effect on those who remain for more than 6 rounds.  On the 7th round, they must pass a Wisdom check or suffer a +1 penalty to their AC and THAC0 as they struggle to discern reality from horrific fantasy.  

Whatever perversions Contra-Santa Anna performed were foul enough to leave a permanent imprint of his soul stained upon the grounds of the Chapel.  This shade floats around the altar, repeating the abhorrent words of its forgotten ritual in a loathsome, sibilant tongue. At the center of the altar is a hemisphere which glows sullenly with a shifting reddish light.  Varying from a thin, wan pink to the color of clotted blood, it casts the chapel in a horrific, mottled luminescence.  There are 2d6 Tayxin Dead in the Chapel at all times, and all will immediately make a Sense Living check when anyone enters, but the shade of Contra-Santa Anna will remain oblivious to intruders, unless the Hemisphere is disturbed in any way.

At that point, the shade will turn and howl, its ghostly face stretching unnaturally, then attack.  The howl will summon more Tayxin Dead, who will arrive at the rate of 1d4 per round.  No Sense Living check is needed for those who arrive in this fashion.

Shade of Contra-Santa Anna: Undead, AC 0; MV 12; HP 75; Dmg 1d6 (claw);1d6 (claw); Special; Str 16 Con 15 Int 14 Wis 11 Cha 6; Alignment Chaotic Evil; THAC0 8; Spectral Howl - The sound made by this howl has such force that it splits the air it passes through, causing concussive damage to any caught in its path.  Any within 10 feet take 3d6 points of damage, with damage halved for every 10 feet beyond.  A successful Constitution check further halves the damage.  This attack can be performed every third round.

Antipathetic Hemisphere: This Hemisphere is the cause of the sense of doom which permeates the area surrounding the Alamo.  A great magic can be sensed by any who care to look, and while it does not seem to possess any powers beyond the ability to drive the living away from it, a Preacher of sufficient power can sense that it is an embryo of some sort, that something within is in the process of becoming.  


  1. This is a great adventure, and concise too! Is the intended rule-set for this a modern day D&D?

  2. Thanks! It's basically using a quick and dirty version of 2e, subbing stat checks for saving throws.

  3. Are you actually playing a Tayxis campaign?

  4. Nope, not yet. For right now it is just a design exercise, but eventually I would like to, yes.

  5. Definitely original. How would you handle firearms and explosives if using D&D? Why not switch to d20 system or something so as not to be beholden in any way to holders of the D&D copyright?

  6. Explosives could be handled as per fireballs, firearms are just ranged weapons. I suppose I'd have to put thought into automatic weapons, but I don't think there's anything insurmountable.

    I'm pretty sure you can slap one of the licenses on any product from TSR and use it, these days - isn't that how Labyrinth Lord and such gets away with their stuff?

    And as for d20, I like it, but I have a thing for descending AC :)

  7. True. There is a controversy about WOTC revoking the open game license, but it is a novel approach. Actually I have little idea of how and why the retro clones such as Labyrinth Lord exist, if you can simply buy old books on e-bay and game based on them.


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