Friday, October 4, 2013

Gamma World... Is Here! Hornetpocalypse Edition

In case you haven't heard, Giant Hornets are on the rampage in China!

37 people have been hospitalized and over 1600 attacks have been reported.  As you can see from the pictures to the right, the wounds are pretty horrific.
And the worst part?  They could be headed to your neighborhood next (scary newscaster voice)

If you live in England.

If you live in France?

They could already be in your neighborhood (scary newscaster voice).

Apparently a couple escaped china in a crate of pottery and are slowly taking over France, even as we speak.

How long before they turn their baleful, multifaceted gaze upon America?

Stay tuned to find out!



  1. NIGHTMARES! Seriously, that's just horrifying!

  2. Seen that whole movie bit. Bee predator unique to Japan. Will be past out lifetimes before they migrate here. Ecologically speaking, was well controlled in Japan until recent encroachment by development damaged their ecosystem. Dug that swiss cheese arm on the man, who survived their hemolytic poison, which is more common to snakes.


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