Monday, December 3, 2012

Fumetti Modules?

I've been thinking about fumetti lately, or rather photonovels.  They've fallen out of favor lately, in all likelihood because of their association with pornography, but some of the old pulp fumettis were really great.  I remember my father taking trips overseas when I was a kid, and bringing some home.  I was fascinated by the merging of a comic book layout with B-Movie sensibility.

Recently, this has gotten me to thinking - has this sort of visual styling ever been applied to RPG modules?  My recent trips into the wilderness have  got me thinking that maybe it's possible?  Certainly from a setting perspective, why not include a photo of a location that resembles the area that you're describing?  While it's true that people look better in outfits that have been drawn than put on, it seems to me as though this could be done.  With the capabilities that Photoshop brings, how hard is it to make your pictures fit the story you're trying to tell?

I may be crazy here, but it seems to me it could work?  Maybe not on an ongoing basis, but at least as a one-off?

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